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Weight loss results for May 22, 2010

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This week was a bit of a trial week for me. I was still playing around with my diet and my Insanity schedule, so I didn’t expect much of a loss this week. I got what I expected.

I spent the better part of the week playing with various foods, portions and eating styles. It really wasn’t a week of focused weight loss for me as I really wanted to see how I could tailor my diet to help me build muscle in this round of Insanity. As a result, my weight was all over the place this week, even spiking as high as 254.5 lbs at one point. Regardless, I still managed to squeak out a small loss which, for me, is always a win. And looking back on my first week of Insanity Round 1, I did a whole half pound better. ;)

My Insanity Round 2, Week 1 weight loss results
Week Date Weight Loss Total
0 05/15/2010 249.5 - -
1 05/22/2010 249.0 0.5 0.5

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